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Car Window Tint- Includes Free Pro Tint Squeegee

DIY Car Window Tint is one of the few upgrades that can pay for itself many times over.
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 In addition to the high end sleek look here are a few benefits to tinting your vehicles' windows that you should know: 

    • Creates a more comfortable driving experience on high heat days

    • Increases fuel economy when AC is running less

    • Increases interior lifespan by reducing fading and cracking from sunlight

    • Reduces glass shards in case of an accident

    • Creates a more private driving experience for you and your passengers.

Most car enthusiasts prefer car window tint with an LTV of 25% or 35% on front windows, and use a darker 10%-20% for ultimate window privacy for the passengers' experience. 

The lower the percentage the darker the car window is tinted. 

All window tints come in a 30" wide tint roll, which covers the width of most car windows.

If your windows are less than 30" wide  (this covers most front windows) our 5' Tint Roll is large enough to do 2 windows.

Bubble free Installation is a breeze with a little soapy water and our tint squeegee.
Simply squeegee out the water between tint and window; use a hair dryer or heat gun to seal.

Our 2 mil Self Adhesive Window Films Last for 5 years, yet can be removed at any time with no residue.

Order now for 50% off this item