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Smoked Tail Light Vinyl Tint + Free Pro Tint Squeegee**

Easy DIY Tail Light Tints! 

  • No professional installer needed-Save up to $300.00 
  • Instructions and tips -Anyone can tint their Tail Lights in as little at 10 minutes each. 
  • Self Adhesive DIY Tail Light Tint is extremely easy to apply
  • Perfect for Headlights also
  • Our Smoked Tints are universal and fit any Tail Light
  • Street legal-Only blocks ~3-9% of light

The adhesive is strong enough that it will last for years yet it can still be easily peeled off with Zero residue, if you decide to remove it or change colors. 

Easily peeled up and re-positioned if needed.
The adhesive properties won't be lost. 

    Choose from 5 lengths, 12 inches wide.
    (60" and 120" Lengths are available in both 12" and 16" Widths)
    1. 12" x 24" - 2 very small sized Tail Lights (or Head)

    2. 12" x 36" - 2 small sized Tail Lights (or Head)

    3. 12" x 48" - 2 small to medium sized Tail Lights (or Head)

    4. 12" x 60" - 2 medium to large Tail Lights (or Head) - Also Available in 16" Width

    5. 120" - Wholesale Dealer Rolls - Available to anyone for a limited time. 
      Available in 12" and 16" Width
      Great for large vehicles, or if you'd like to make a few bucks installing Smoked Tint for friends. 

      (Retailers and Shops please reach out to us, via our support button we can send custom size rolls)  

      • 1. Measure and cut tint

        2. Remove liner and apply a soap solution 

        3. Apply tint to lens

        4. Squeegee Flat

        5. Trim excess

        6. Heat edges to seal

        7. Remove protective film

      • Lens Tips - Make sure your car’s lens is perfectly clean and dry, remove ALL oil, and residue. Your application is only as good as your prep! A 2:1 mixture of water to isopropyl alcohol works great.

        Start in the middle - It is best to start in the middle of the lens and work your way to the edges.

        Heat is your friend - Applying heat to the tint will always help restore it to its original state. If the tint gets warped or scratched during application, applying heat with a heat gun or hair dryer will return the tint to its original state.

        If you're having issues with a lot of bubbles, peel the film off, and apply more soapy water. This will help you to smoothly squeegee out all of the air bubbles.

        Use a sharp knife - It will help make the trimming a breeze. A dull knife makes it difficult to get a smooth, clean cut.

      • 1. Squeegee with a wrapped or felt edge

        2. Razor Blade Cutter

        3. Heat Gun or Blow Dryer (Try our Heat Gun)